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Triumph Thruxtons at a junctions




A motorcyclist's bike is not just a vehicle to be ridden, it is a conduit for thier attitude, ambition, and identity, while providing access to freedom, excitement, and comradery.

To riders everywhere a Triumph is always much more than the sum of its parts, encapsulating beauty, style and emotion, with a personality, that transcends a physical object – in simple terms, it has soul.

Across the generations, Triumph’s design and engineering teams have produced some of the most characterful and successful motorcycles of all time, all created through a shared ethos for continuous, integrated development that encompasses every aspect of the ride.



In our unique development process Triumph’s engine, chassis, and styling teams work together to deliver the complete motorcycle, with continuous influence and input from customers and our expert dealers around the world on what riders want, value and need. 

Triumph sports bike


Following an ethos and commitment to completely design, develop, and manufacture in-house, the last three decades has seen Triumph consistantly invest in developing our people, expert partners, and exclusive capabilities.   This investment in homegrown talent both in the UK and across the Triumph world, matched by a shared passion for the perfect ride, saw the brand go from strong to stronger.

Triumph’s modern era began in 1990 with a completely original range of motorcycles designed and built in a brand-new, state-of-the-art factory in Hinckley, UK. Since then, Triumph has gone on to represent the very pinnacle of Great British design and engineering. Delivering a lineup of class-defining bikes spanning genres from adventure to roadsters to modern classics, Triumph continues to solidify the renowned reputation of class-leading handling, finish, detail, and original, authentic design.

Today, Triumph operates across five manufacturing facilities, all managed and led by the global headquarters in Hinckley, Leicestershire, where every Triumph is conceived, prototyped, and tested in our center of design excellence by an in-house team, supported by the world’s leading suspension, braking and tire specialists.   


The most recent addition to Hinckley’s infrastructure is an all-new UK assembly plant, built to enhance Triumph’s global manufacturing flexibility and complement the existing multi-million-pound paint shop and rapid prototyping facilities.

Triumph factory assembly line



A truly global operation, Triumph has 13 sales and marketing offices around the world with manufacturing and production facilities in Thailand, where the company has its own casting, injection-molding, machining, and assembly facilities, as well as plants in India and Brazil, where bikes are assembled for local markets.

Every Triumph facility adheres to the same comprehensive processes of exacting standards examined at each stage of a motorcycle’s creation following exhaustive quality control process, with more than 400 review steps throughout the build encompassing every component.



Triumph TFC rocket 3






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