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The data you have provided above will be used to contact you and arrange the reservation of a motorcycle. We may also use it to ask you about your experience. This means that we will share the data with our dealers or agents (you can see our full privacy notice here). In the future, if you would like to hear more from us about our Products, Services and Offers please tell us by selecting the relevant options. You will be able to unsubscribe from these services at any time by unsubscribing directly from Triumph emails or by contacting your Dealer.

The reservation fee is fully refundable to you at any time. It is not a commitment for Triumph Motorcycles or the selected Triumph Dealer to sell you a bike and nor is it a commitment on you to purchase a bike. The reservation fee is used solely for the Triumph Dealer to use its reasonable endeavours to allocate a bike or a production slot for a bike to you. When a bike is available the Triumph Dealer will invite you for a test ride. If you do not respond to the Dealer or if the Dealer no longer wishes to proceed with the reservation for any other reason, it shall refund the reservation fee to you. If you decide that you would like to order a Triumph motorcycle it will be subject to a separate contract between you and the Triumph Dealer. You may ask the Triumph Dealer to transfer the reservation fee to any order for a Triumph motorcycle or to refund it to you.