Rocket TFC concept

Triumph Rocket TFC Concept


Triumph’s legendary Rocket is renowned as a pure original, with more muscle, presence and power than all others.  And now, an ultra-rare, ultra-premium Triumph Factory Custom Rocket is planned.  Featuring an all-new Triple engine – the world’s largest production motorcycle powerplant – the Rocket TFC will spectacularly redefine the class with world-beating torque and performance, cutting-edge technology, an all-new chassis and the highest level of premium specification equipment.  The ultimate motorcycle is coming soon.



Side shot of Triumph Rocket TFC concept featuring distinctive  three header exhaust


With a planned total worldwide production run of only 750, this will be an ultra-limited edition part of Triumph Motorcycles’ TFC concept, designed to create the most desirable Triumphs ever made.

Side shot of Triumph Rocket TFC concept featuring distinctive  three header exhaust


The world’s largest production engine is central to the Rocket TFC’s category-defining performance, yet this exceptional motorcycle’s new chassis and premium brake and suspension setup will deliver the dynamic, precise handling of a first-class roadster.

Side shot of Triumph Rocket TFC concept featuring distinctive  three header exhaust


The ultimate in ‘fully loaded’; cutting-edge technology is designed to combine with rider-focused capability, breathtaking style and an incredibly muscular road presence.

Side shot of Triumph Rocket TFC concept featuring distinctive  three header exhaust


Innovative engineering, style and a beautiful three-header exhaust run will provide an unbelievable deep, rich new Rocket TFC growl.

Full shot of the Triumph Rocket concept TFC highlighting silhouette of this British engineering masterpiece


In 2004, the extraordinary Rocket III motorcycle took the world by storm.  With the world’s largest production motorcycle engine, triple chrome headers and blacked-out silhouette, no other motorcycle matched its visual impact.  In addition, its incredible power, handling and performance ensured the Rocket’s legendary status, right from the start.

Rocket TFC concept seat


With an incredible array of custom details, premium finishes and beautiful practical touches, including an interchangeable dual or single seat, the new Rocket TFC goes straight to the top of every motorcyclist’s wish list.





Triumph Rocket TFC side panel with TFC detailing and badging


On May 1, 2019, Triumph will launch the second Triumph TFC model to join this all new lineup – the stunning Rocket TFC.
On this date, we will reveal the full specification, price and timetable of availability for this very limited edition of only 750. 

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Triumph Thruxton TFC full bike shot


Rare, beautiful and special. The very first TFC release redefines what is possible and is the perfect introduction to Triumph’s newest approach to creating custom specials.


Rocket TFC Concept

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