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    Meet Uyen Hwang

    If you are reading this, you probably like motorcycles and some of you may be on your 3rd or 10th one by now. These machines are always a personal choice and while we do value the technical side, we are always wondering what else draws riders to their motos. Some say they felt an instant connection to the bike, other say it was based on sheer performance, and then you got the ones that say "hell, it just runs who cares", either way, there are no wrong answers, just incredible stories worth sharing with you. Meet our first featured motorcyclist Uyen Hwang and her 2017 Bonneville Bobber. 

    Uyen just picked up a brand new Bonneville Bobber from our friends at Triumph Newport Beach. We caught up with her to find out what made her choose this bike and what she likes about it.

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